Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 3.42.10 pmAssociate Professor Fiona Fidler is interested in how scientists and other experts make decisions and change their minds. She trained as a psychologist, then did a PhD in History and Philosophy of Science, and then worked in Conservation Science for about a decade. Now her position is split across the School of BioSciences (where she is part of QAECO) and the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (where is she is part of HPS). She has an abiding interest is statistical controversies, and currently holds an ARC Future Fellowship, focusing on Reproducibility, Replicability and Open Science.


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Dr Hannah Fraser is an ecologist studying how current ecological research practices relate to the rigor and reproducibility of results. Her research interests include Questionable Research Practices, replication studies, preregistration, registered reports and anything that might improve scientific practice.




felix.jpgFelix Singleton Thorn is a PhD student studying quantitative research methods in psychology. His research examines how people plan, report and interpret the results of psychological experiments, with the goal of improving the accuracy of inferences and providing practical heuristics to guide the interpretation of results.





Elise Gould is a PhD student studying reproducibility and transparency of decisions in ecology and conservation. Her research interests include data science, decision analysis, ecological modelling.





SteveSteven Kambouris is a PhD student studying reproducibility, open science and meta-analysis with an emphasis on ecology and education.





MBush_headshotDr Martin Bush is a Research Fellow in History and Philosophy of Science. He has expertise in popular science and public reasoning practices and professional experience in science communication and the museum sector.




Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 3.32.59 pmDr Bonnie Wintle is a Research Fellow in the School of BioSciences with a background in ecology. She’s interested in expertise, uncertainty and prediction, amongst other things.

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